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Business Broadband Services

We install and manage broadband connectivity to ensure businesses are using the fastest and most reliable broadband to help the smooth and effective operation of your organisation. 

High quality broadband is a necessity for all organisations, it is equally important to partner with a reliable provider that delivers a personable and effective service. 

With speed and reliability two core elements all businesses require, our broadband is provided over the BT network which deliver the best possible speeds for your location. 

Through auditing your current internet usage, how your team accesses the internet across your site and locations, we advise on the appropriate broadband you require and the access points needed. 

As we connect directly to BT Openreach, we provide you with regular and accurate updates. This also allows us to help you resolve any faults or issues with speed on your behalf, providing an easy method of reporting by having one conversation with ourselves. 

As the requirement for quality, fast broadband constantly increases, it is imperative to regularly review how the business uses the internet. 

With the introduction of multiple devices used by staff and the digital transformation of business processes, your requirement for broadband, wifi and bandwidth will increase. 

If your broadband provision is not built to cope with increasing numbers of desktops, laptops, phones, mobiles and tablets, it will hamper productivity and access to systems. 

Assessing the required broadband speeds and bandwidth ensures costs are in line with the provision you require. 

Investing in super fast broadband will aid the productivity and efficiencies within your teams.

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    Traditional ADSL Broadband

    Our broadband is provided over the BT network delivering the best possible speeds for your location, whilst keeping costs competitive.

    We fully manage the installation for you from start to finish and keep you updated throughout the progress of your broadband supply, as we connect directly to BT Openreach we can obtain regular and accurate updates.

    A business class wireless router is provided to maximise broadband speeds and we will send a fully qualified engineer to site to set up the router and test that all is working correctly.

    Fibre (FTTC) Broadband

    Fibre broadband is ideal for small to medium-sized businesses where data and bandwidth is crucial. FTTC is Fibre provided by BT to the local cabinet and as you’d expect from the UK’s leading network its performance provides higher reliability.

    Fibre Broadband access is now rapidly spreading across the UK, we just need your postcode for a no obligation availability check for your area. By upgrading to fibre services you can take full advantage of what broadband has to offer.

    Installation usually takes between 10 – 15 working days and we manage the complete process for you via our direct access to BT Openreach.

    Fibre (FTTP) Broadband

    Fibre broadband is ideal for medium to large-sized organisations or where large amounts of data are being uploaded or downloaded. FTTP is fibre directly to customers premises and as you’d expect from the UK’s leading network its performance provides the best possible reliability and resilience.

    As with FTTC Fibre Broadband access is rapidly becoming more available across the UK, we just need your postcode for a no obligation availability check for your area and we can monitor availably for you.

    We will fully manage the installation for you and regularly keep you updated on progress so that you can plan the roll out to meet your requirements.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Business Broadband

    Can I get faster broadband that I have currently?

    We have access to a broadband availability checker, allowing us to check the best available products in your area.

    If there is a better product available, we will advise you the way to upgrade so there is no disruption in service.

    When changing broadband will I need a new router?

    Changing a broadband router is not always necessary.

    Some existing routers can be reused.

    If we cannot reuse an existing router, you will be quoted an upgrade to work with your new broadband service.

    Can I have a second broadband connection as a backup?

    Yes, backup broadband connections are becoming increasingly popular, with a large percentage of businesses using the internet to make telephone calls via the internet it is always important to look at all the resilience options available.

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