LG Nortel Telephone System

There used to be lots of places to get support and maintenance for Nortel telephone systems. Nowadays there are only a few companies that support the old Nortel Phone Systems. When Nortel became part of the Avaya group it’s system were superseded and focus was switched over on to the Avaya IP Office range. We are happy to say that Telecom Central do provide support for all your Nortel / lg Nortel systems.

LG Nortel Telephone Engineers & Installation Services

LG Nortel Telephone System Engineer

Telecom Central has a nationwide base of LG Nortel Telephone Engineers who specialise in the whole range of LG Nortel Telephone Systems. Your telephone system is the heart of your business, which is why it is important to work alongside a company who specialises and takes responsibility for making sure your business telephone system is working efficiently.

Urgent LG Nortel Telephone Engineers

We pride ourselves in delivering a very fast response time to ensure your business is operation as quickly as possible. Our LG Nortel Telephone Engineers are available to resolve any critical telephone system faults. If your business is suffering due to a faulty phone system then please do not hesitate to call one of our fully trained members of staff on 0333 320 9920.

Upgrading your LG Nortel Phone System

If you are looking to expand your existing phone system you can rely on Telecom Central to provide your business with the right solution. We stock almost every module and part for every model of LG Nortel Telephone System. Our business Telephone Engineers are also available to install any additional extensions or re-program your business phone system to make your communications run more efficiently.

Re-Locating your Business Telephone System

Telecom Central are experts in assisting your business with re-locating your current telephone system. Weather your business is moving into a brand new office or simple moving within the same building we can provide you with the necessary advice to make sure the move is hassle free. Our expert knowledge of LG Nortel Telephone Systems will allow us to make sure we recognise all your requirements and meet them without any complications.

If you need a LG Nortel Telephone System Engineer please call us on 0333 320 9920.

Moving Premises?

If your business is moving premises and you need help Telecom Central can assist with installing cabling, lines and a telephone system.

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