What do you need to consider when choosing a Business Telephone System?

Here at Telecom Central, we will help you identify what you need from your Business Telephone System. Our experienced technicians will work with you to understand what bespoke cloud based system, best suits your business.

Areas that our customers talk to us about are as follows;

  • Reducing their phone bills
  • Eradicating call costs
  • Retaining phone numbers
  • Free system health check
  • Modern IP handsets
  • The latest features
  • Mobile & Softphone Apps
  • Getting ready for the ISDN switch off
  • Free installation

We will help you to understand what needs to be changed or added to your telephone system to improve communication. Incorporating new features within your telephone system such as call queueing, call routing, voicemails and call reporting will help your team to be more productive and improve the experience for customers.

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    Our Business Telephone Systems Range…

    We offer supply and installation of telephone systems, individual handsets or spares, plus comprehensive systems maintenance options for all phone system manufacturers.


    Future Proof your Telephone System

    A Business Telephone System needs to have the ability to deliver on your current requirements whilst being agile and scalable so that you can easily introduce additional lines and handsets as you grow.

    Investing in a system that provides you with the ability to grow your communication network aids productivity and day-to-day operations without the need to identify another system in a short period of time.

    As workplace technology and communications evolve, you need a framework that you can easily integrate new technologies, devices and ways of communicating in order to reap the benefits.

    Our team work alongside you to create a map of what you require and help you to identify the best way of approaching a Business Telephone System.

    Align with your Business Objectives

    It is essential that you consider your objectives and the strategic direction of the business when considering a Business Telephone System.

    This allows you to incorporate all areas of the business, how you operate and where you want to take the organisation, in order to specify a bespoke system that meets your needs.

    A tailored system enables your team to communicate simply and effectively both internally and externally.

    Make a list of every department and staff member that uses the telephone system and the required functionality to ensure that they can communicate effectively.

    For instance, your sales team will function better if you use call tracking and call recording properly. Simple functionality to help monitor the number of calls for KPI’s and record calls for training purposes can also be useful.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Business Telephone Systems

    Can I get a demonstration of a new telephone system?

    We can arrange for one of our technical team to visit your site and walk you through all the system features to help you understand the capabilities and benefits of a particular telephone system.

    This will enable you to experience how a telephone system will behave and fit into your organisation, understand each of the key features and to see how a new telephone system compares to what you currently have.

    We also have the availability for you to visit a manufacturer’s premises who we work closely with to provide you with a full demonstration.

    How do I know which telephone system is right for my business?

    Each customer has a different buying motive. We will stay in regular contact to understand your exact requirements and provide you with the system which is right for you and your business.

    We do this through spending time with you to scope out how you want a telephone system to be used within your organisation, who will be using the system and how you would like it to perform.

    We are then about to arrange a demonstration of a new telephone system in order for you to see the features first-hand in your working environment. From here, we can discuss and assess if a system meets your requirements.

    Can I book a site visit for a telecoms engineer to help me?

    We can arrange for one of our telecoms engineers to help you choose the right system. This can either be done via the phone or a site visit.

    We recommend that we visit you to fully understand your business requirements in order to advise on the best suited business telephone system.

    During the visit, our telecoms engineer will be able to assess your current telephone system and how you use it which will help us to identify a new system that improves how your currently handle telephone calls and provide a system that will grow and evolve with your changing needs.

    Who’s responsible for it?

    Someone needs to look after the system internally. Do you have an IT department who can manage and maintain the system if necessary? A few things to think about because it may have a bearing on whether you choose a cloud option that means your system is hosted externally and you won’t need any inhouse support.

    You might even have a couple of your team who take control of the system. But whoever is in charge, they need to be proactive and ensure your system is working and producing the correct information to track productivity.

    Your telephone system can provide you with lots of management information to help you run your business. It’ll track many of your vital signs to help you hit targets – so make sure you use it.

    Can I utilise any of my old system?

    You may be able to use some of your old system with a new system. You can integrate some landlines with VOIP for instance and save money on handsets!

    So, yes there will be a way to use some of your existing kit but, don’t let it be a deal breaker if you can’t, if you’re serious about investing in a system to grow and future proof your business.

    A good telecoms company will do a complete site survey for free and recommend the best system anyway from your brief. At the survey they will look at what you’ve got now and recommend

    How do I choose the right handset?

    Ok, it’s really all about the features that you need to run your business in the most effective manner. Most VoIP handsets now have an abundance of great features to help you communicate and monitor calls whether your staff are in the office, on-site or sat working in MacDonalds.

    Don’t think about what’s on offer, start with what you need. Make a big list of the features you want and then work backwards.

    The right partner will be able to go through your list of requirements and advise on helpful additions and dig a bit deeper to guarantee you choose the right handsets and system.

    Think about remote workers

    20% of the UK workforce will be working remotely by 2020!

    Do you have remote workers or planning to, over the next five years? It’s the way the world is moving so it must be a consideration.

    Flexible working and remote staff require a telecoms solution to suit their mobile needs, so you’ll need to take this into account. They need to communicate through different devices with different technology to do their job.

    Find the right partner

    You need to choose a telecoms company with experience of the market who can really help you make the right decisions. They need to be experts in VOIP and Cloud technology and understand how to future proof your investment, so you get a robust return on your investment.

    Ask them about their technical knowledge, maintenance agreements and customer service standards.

    Maybe call a few of their customers (there should be a list on their website if they’re any good!)

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