LG Davis are a large printing company in Kings Heath, Birmingham. They are on our mailing list and when we emailed them about our free Telephone System Health Check Offer, they completed the online form as they were looking to improve their telephone system

They have 42 employees and required an improved system for external and internal communication including a robust internal mobile solution for the shop floor to communicate with the management. They were also interested in cost savings as they hadn’t reviewed their system and processes for about ten years.

They did ask their current supplier to review their needs as well but after we did the Health Check and delivered our proposal we were awarded the contract.

There were a couple of issues we were able to uncover to help them utilise their system to help them grow their business and a few basic improvements to save cost.

For instance, they were being charged for an additional fifty Direct Dial lines that they weren’t even using!

In fact, the money they’ll save in the first 18 months has paid for a brand-new Avaya system, including all the handsets and cordless phones for the shop floor, plus a load more functionality.

They now have; marketing on hold, auto attendant and personalised Voicemail on all their DDI’s.

Marcus Bowen – LG Davis’s Sales Director commented:

“We knew that a review was necessary and Telecom Central made it easy and have saved us up to about 40% on our business telephone bills. The install was quick and painless, plus we now have more functionality.”