Referrals are a big part of our business and we were asked by an electrician we met onsite at another job to call one of his customers who was having problems with their telephone system.

The Problem

They had a Panasonic Telephone system that was running on firmware from early 2004. So, because it was so old, many of the functions were not secure, it lacked many security features anyway and the overall functionality was extremely limited. In fact, their firmware was so out of date that Panasonic wouldn’t be able to fix any issues with it, had they arisen.

They are a company with ambition and have taken on new staff recently so unfortunately their telephone system was holding them back. We see this a lot because to successfully scale a business it’s important that you have the right functionality on your telephone system to aid your growth.

So, we had a chat with them and came up with a plan to help them increase their efficiency and get them bang up to date. A way to be super secure and have much more flexibility to programme their system internally to do the job they required for a growing business.

The Solution

We went on site and replaced their old 32MB SD card with a 2GB SD card and installed the latest firmware onto it. In a stroke it bought them up to date.

We also backed up their original configuration and reinstalled it onto the system with the new firmware. This just insured that the system started to function exactly how it was before the firmware was upgraded.

The MSG (message) card wasn’t functioning either so we fixed that to give them more functionality to record outgoing messages to further improve the experience for their customers.

The Outcome

The customer was extremely happy, commenting:

“The service that we received from Telecom Central was second to none! They were real experts and we found them extremely pleasant to work with. We didn’t have to break the bank either – thanks!”

And on the back of the work they have signed up to our affordable maintenance package and are now another happy customer of Telecom Central.

Solicitor – Tamworth