Telecoms for the healthcare sector

With increased pressure and requirements in healthcare, an intelligent, easy to use telephone system is integral to meeting the demands of todays world.

We work with closely with a large number of clients within the healthcare sector and our team are experienced in assisting you with your telephone and communication needs.

We provide business telephone systems to –

Our aim is to help you to streamline communication throughout your organisation and provide you with the ability handle large volumes of calls.

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    Telephony Services

    It is important to create a simple and easy experience for patients to book appointments. A telephone system needs to be able to handle the ever evolving needs of the healthcare sector.

    We provide cloud based telephone systems and call routing to ensure your system has capacity to handle large volumes of calls, helping your reception and administration staff save valuable time.

    Our Telephone Engineers work with you to implement features and tools tailored to your requirements –

    • Intelligent call handling
    • Automate messages
    • Call recording
    • Answerphone and Messaging service
    • Call reporting software to monitor performance and statistics

    We provide help with telephone line installation and maintenance of telephone systems.

    Handling large volumes of calls

    From Call Waiting and Call Logging, through to Custom Messaging and Call Recording, all of these features can be offered through a VoIP telephone system and will enable your team to effectively handle calls at all times, including peak times.

    You can even set calls to route to a different department or number if a call goes a certain number of rings without being answered, ensuring that no patient is missed and each call is dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

    Creating a simple and easy booking experience

    When it comes to booking appointments, you want to make the process as simple as possible for patients.

    A VoIP system offers tools that can organise all calls and direct the caller to the department they require in a seamless and streamlined manner, thanks to the automated menus feature.

    Another feature that can be utilised is custom messaging, enabling you to request key information from your patients, which will allow your reception team to deal with messages quickly and efficiently, reducing the length of time taken to contact patients back to arrange an appointment.

    Supporting your staff

    With increased pressures on healthcare organisations, the systems you have in place should aim to support your staff and not hinder, helping to make their work easier.

    Through investing in a VoIP telephone system, your reception and administration staff will have all the tools at their disposal to provide the best possible service to patients.

    For example, integrating your VoIP system with your CRM system will bring everything under one umbrella and allow your staff to access patient data easily, so they are always fully informed when arranging appointments and communicating with patients.

    If your healthcare organisation would like to streamline your communications, boost productivity and provide your patients with a quality experience, investing in a VoIP telephone system is a great option.

    Broadband and Wi-Fi

    Fast and reliable internet and connectivity is essential for segments of the healthcare sector and in all medical settings.

    With increasing amount of patient data required, it is more efficient to store information online in the cloud or hosted servers. Medical professionals need to be able to access, update and upload large quantities of records easily. A reliable broadband connection is necessity in order for this to be done efficiently.

    Telecom Central provide broadband and wifi solutions to enable you to benefit from fast speeds that are fundamental in todays healthcare sector.

    We assess your requirements and audit the current internet provision. This allows us to advise on the most appropriate solutions to provide the required broadband speeds and wifi access. A site audit will ensure that you have the right level of access and speed in offices, reception, treatment rooms and waiting rooms.

    Telecom support

    System Maintenance and Support

    Healthcare professionals rely on telephone systems and communication tools to care for patients and deliver the required treatment on a daily basis.

    Our Team of Telephone Engineers provide you with expert support and maintenance services either remotely or on-site to ensure your systems are functioning correctly and resolve any emergency problems.

    Through Maintenance Contract Agreements, we ensure that any potential issues or risks are addressed before they become a problem.

    We will carry out system updates to maintain the highest level of security and you are maximising new features.

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