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Do you currently utilise Custom Messaging within your business telephone system? 

Custom Messaging is an excellent feature that is offered with the VoIP Telephone Systems we can install and manage for our clients. 

If you already have a Cloud-Based telephone system in place, depending on the flexibility of your system, we can also add in this feature for you allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer. 


What is Custom Messaging?

A Custom Messaging feature enables you to utilise pre-recorded messages across your telephone system and organisation, to improve your callers’ experience.

The most common usage of Custom Messaging are welcome messages, providing the caller with important business information or instructions on how to get through to the intended department or individual within the organisation.

Custom Messaging can be used in a variety of other ways and offer a whole host of benefits.


Tailored messages

Custom Messaging enables you to record tailored messages for different departments or specific people across your organisation. 

For example, should a member of staff be out at meetings all day, they can record and set a specific message that day to inform those trying to contact them that they will be unavailable. They can also provide further instructions on the next steps to take, such as who else to get in contact with or when they will be contactable again. 

This feature enables you to deliver a positive experience for your customers and showcase a more polished and professional image for your organisation. 


Requesting key customer information

Using Custom Messaging you can request for key information from your customers. 

This information will allow you to better direct them to the appropriate individual or department, providing a positive and quality experience for the customer. 

It will also enable you to deal with messages quickly and efficiently, reducing the length of time taken to contact customers back and therefore improving customer service levels across your organisation. 


Messages sent to email

A great feature offered with Custom Messaging is that it will transcribe any messages left by customers and send this to your selected email address(es). 

This allows you to read through your message and pick up urgent messages quickly, shortening the response time for your customers. 

 It also saves you critical time, as you are able to flick through and read the messages, rather than listening to each individual message and trying to note down the important information. 


Improve efficiencies

As anyone within business knows, time is valuable and through Custom Messaging you are able to improve efficiencies and be more efficient with time. 

All of the features mentioned above enable you to save time when answering calls and contacting customers. 


Improve levels of customer service

By utilising Custom Messaging, you are able to drastically improve the levels of customer service across your organisation, ensuring every call is dealt with in a swift and effective manner. 

Firstly, you are able to engage with the customer from the second they ring your organisation, without leaving them on static hold and provide them with information that is of value to them. 

This will help to reduce hang-up rates for your organisation. 

You are also able to record messages that will keep your customers updated and informed with key news, such as changes to your opening hours, service delivery information, events and more. 


Monitoring messages

A final benefit of Custom Messaging is that it provides you with the ability to easily track and monitor your messages. 

You can determine the nature of the calls you are receiving and track the response times across your organisation, identifying where customer service levels may be falling below your desired standard and begin making improvements. 

The data you are able to gather through Custom Messaging can also aid you in setting KPIs and monitoring your progress and success against these targets. 

Finally, the ability to track and monitor messages is essential to ensure compliance and protect you against any potential GDPR or other issues, as you have evidence of contact and the information that has been shared. 

If you are interested in utilising Custom Messaging and reaping these benefits, our team is happy to discuss your requirements with you.

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