Best Telephone Systems For Small Businesses

There are loads of business telephone systems on the market and it can all be a bit confusing! They’re all pretty good in their own way, functionality is getting better, so which one do you choose? And with more businesses relying on remote workers, does your inhouse system need to be that good anyway?

Then there’s the conundrum of choosing a PBX system or opting for a cloud-based system – and what’s the difference anyway?

Well, hopefully we’ll shed some light on that for you and give you a bit of helpful, friendly advice on your next telephone system that’ll help you grow your business.

We’re going to cover the following essentials in this post:

  • Do you need a landline and the benefits?
  • What is cloud telephony all about?
  • Using Smartphones and Apps

Do you need a landline and the benefits?

Most businesses have a form of onsite business telephone systems and the truth is, you need one. Whether you have 2 or 100 employees, having a professional business phone system is just the right thing to do.

They are far more professional and reliable than simply using mobiles, you’ll never lose a signal and there’ll be minimal downtime.

We’re big believers in proactively using your phones to run and grow your business and with a good system the functionality available to you will help.

Things like, good voicemail, on hold messages, call transfer and call recording will give you vital statistics to help you be more productive.

It’s a lot easier to scale a business also with a good system and landlines. You can keep track of business calls and expenses but grow with confidence knowing all you need to do is buy a new handset when you recruit a new member of staff.

What is cloud telephony all about?

Firstly, it doesn’t matter how big or small you are – Cloud Telephony is a serious option for both!

Basically, cloud telephone systems are hosted so you don’t need any hardware other than handsets and you use the internet to make calls. So, if you have a decent internet connection, you’re good to go. And the call quality has improved dramatically over the years and is now considered better than more traditional methods.

You can make and receive calls from multiple devices, including your Smartphone, anywhere – so you’ll never miss a call or upset a customer. It’s essential for remote workers as there’ll never be any excuses that they couldn’t communicate with their customers or prospects.

Finally, as for the cost – cloud-based telephone systems are cheaper than the more traditional methods. Because you’re not connected to a physical landline it reduces hardware and line rental costs, as well as giving you cheaper domestic and International calls.

Plus, your staff can access your work system on their mobile or tablet, so they won’t need a company mobile phone.

Using Smartphones and Apps

To use only Smartphones and Apps is much more of a consideration for small businesses these days. And as we’ve already mentioned they play an integral part in helping remote workers communicate with their customers and the office. However, to rely on them solely as a business solution is not the way to go!

Accessing work files on Smartphones and tablets create security issues and the new GDPR regulations about taking personal information out of the office is strict now. So, to have a good in-house system plus a secure CRM system is deemed as best practise for small businesses.

Using only Smartphones in the office can also cause distractions with staff checking personal emails and browsing their social media accounts.

If you are considering it then there are plenty of good office apps on the market, so have a look around to make sure that what you need to run a successful business is available.


There are options, so it’s worth exploring them all before you invest in a system.

In our opinion, Cloud Telephony will give you the best up to date functionality at the most affordable cost. It’ll give you the flexibility to have a professional in-house system and allow you the processes to work remotely.

Hopefully you aspire to grow, you’ll have the right tools to scale and be flexible with a cloud system. And the management information and tracking functionality will help your team become more productive.

And you’ll save money on hardware and calls – so what’s not to like?

If you’d like any more information on anything we’ve talked about in this post just pick up the phone (landline or mobile!) and call us on 0333 320 9920