telephone system move

Having the ability to move your existing telephone system when relocating can help to save costs, ensure minimal downtime and enable you to have everything in place for your team to use immediately.

Despite the benefits that taking your current system with you can offer, there are a number of things you will need to consider to ensure a smooth transition into your new premises.


Size and Layout of new space

First things first, you need to spend quality time reviewing the size and layout of your new site, identifying how it differs to your previous premises.

You may need to make changes to your existing system to ensure it can continue to work for you, such as the introduction of additional handsets and cabling.

Our engineers have a wealth of experience successfully moving telephone systems to a new site, working with you to build communication networks that are scalable, where we can easily introduce additional users and devices; a necessity when looking to continue utilising your existing system.


Reviewing current Telephone System features

We would advise you to take the time to review the features and flexibility of your telephone system.

You will be able to identify any areas where you may want to make changes and modifications, in order to adapt your telephone system and maximise the benefits it has to offer.


Upgrading your Telephone System

After identifying what needs to change in relation to your current telephone system, you can then go about making the upgrades or modifications.

Through making small tweaks and simply updating the software of your current telephone system, can breathe extra life into the system, enabling it to last that bit longer and continue supporting you until you are ready to invest in a new one.

 Upgrading the software of your existing business telephone system will also ensure you are maintaining the highest level of security, protecting data, and mitigating the risk of a security breach.


Internet Connectivity

During your site review, you should have identified where broadband or Wi-Fi may be an issue.

Through having an understanding of the new layout and where people will be located, we are able to pinpoint where access points and the installation of your new lines and broadband will need to go.


Telephone Phone System Testing

The final part of moving your telephone system across to your new premises should include thorough testing of all the equipment and services.

We conduct this as part of our quality control before leaving your site, with a demonstration and additional training if required to ensure that all aspects of your system are working and that your staff can utilise it and all the features it has to offer effectively.