With the return to work just around the corner, it has never been more important for businesses to have all the tools and resources they require to be able to work as efficiently and effectively as possible post Covid-19. This includes the communication systems they have in place. 

With this in mind, will your existing communications systems be able to support you and your team in achieving this when you do return? 

Preparation will be key in ensuring a positive and proactive return to the workplace. 

In this blog, we have shared our advice and tips to help you prepare your communication systems ahead of your return to work. 


Telephone System Health Check

We advise that you test your telephone system, handsets and network to ensure everything is working correctly. A fully functioning system will enable the smooth return of your team, receiving and making phone calls to clients and suppliers.

It is important that clients and customers can easily contact you especially after the previous few weeks. 

So effective communication systems will be essential to helping you get your organisation back up and running. 

A telephone engineer will be able to help you to conduct the required testing of your telephone system, identify any issues and assist you in resolving them. 


Remote Working

With many employees continuing to work from home, a business phone system needs to be flexible to benefit you and your team working remotely. 

Considering the changes in the working environment and social distancing measures, there may be a combination of office based workers and remote working which presents a change in your communication requirements. 

Does your system have enough flexibility for your needs?

You may have been able to get by with telephone calls and mobiles during lockdown but is your system resilient enough to continue to be used in this way? 

Integrating home working, mobiles and telephony ensures your teams are productive and maintain control over the system, as opposed to staff using work mobiles in isolation, outside of your system. 

We can help you map out how you want to handle calls through the organisation and understand how this works both in the office and at home, whilst helping you to integrate a telephone system that is easy to use for your team and provides a consistent, quality experience for people contacting you. 


How can you improve your telephone system?

In recent weeks, we have spoken to a number of clients who have realised the limitations of their current telephone system as a result of COVID19 and lockdown. 

The downtime has highlighted the shortfalls of their telecom system and how they handle calls with business continuity in mind.

Hosted telephone systems provide you with the agility and flexibility to maintain continuity with regard to inbound and outbound calls. This is an area that organisations are exploring in more depth as they begin to return to work and make adjustments to how they operate.