As schools begin to return to the new ‘normal’, having a smart and robust WiFi network in place has never been more important to keep everything and everyone connected. 

It is essential that schools review their existing broadband and WiFi solutions and look to implement changes that will help to future proof their schools and support the increased integration of technology moving forward. 

Throughout the past year, schools have invested heavily in technology and software to facilitate effective virtual learning. 

Now they have returned, we know that many schools are planning to continue utilising the software and applications they introduced, due to the benefits they offer and to get the most out of their spend. 

This means the greater use of technology within classrooms, which in turn will result in a greater need for quality connectivity across all corners of your school estate. 

With this in mind, is your existing WiFi network working for you and will it be able to cope with increased demand and usage?

We can work with you to introduce a secure network that is robust and effective to provide teachers with uninterrupted access and achieve seamless connectivity across your school estate. 

This type of solution will also enable your students to continue utilising technology and applications within the classroom, without impacting on the speed or quality of your connection. 

Investing in a solution that provides the ultimate levels of coverage, capacity, security and reliability now will help to future proof your school’s network for years to come, no matter what needs you, your teaching staff and students may have in regards to connectivity. 

If you would like to discuss your school’s connectivity needs, our team is happy to help.