remote working telephone systems

If you are looking to integrate remote working on a more permanent basis, have you considered what communication systems you will need to introduce to support you and your teams effectively?

As a result of the pandemic, an increased number of businesses made the decision to switch to a temporary remote workforce, which enabled them to adapt to the new challenges and continue operating safely.

This has proven a huge success with many businesses across a wide range of sectors, that it comes as no surprise that it looks as though this way of working is here to stay.

If you are planning to integrate remote working on a more permanent basis, how do you plan to support this to ensure it remains a productive way of working for you, your teams and your clients?

Effective communication systems will be key in making this way of working successful for your business, both your internal and external communication.

In order to achieve this, you will require agile and innovative systems.

Here are just a few suggestions for the systems, hardware and other factors to look at implementing, to help support your remote workforce and make this way of working really work for you.


Involve the team when looking to introduce new remote working systems

Take the time to gather feedback from your teams before investing in any new systems or making any changes.

As they have already been working from home over recent weeks and months, your team have been working with your systems first hand and will be able to advise you on what worked and made their life easier and also what hasn’t been working well.

This discussion will also give you a greater understanding of exactly what each member of staff requires in order to do their job effectively from home, such as access to systems, collaboration tools and devices (handsets and mobiles).

Utilising this feedback and knowledge will help to ensure that you are making the best investment for you and your teams and providing everything needed to successfully support your remote workforce.


Agile communication network to facilitate flexible working

When first moving to remote working at the start of the pandemic, you may not have had adequate systems in place to support this.

In order to continue working safely and overcome the challenges quickly, you may have introduced new systems or software as a quick and easy solution for the time being.

However, if your team continue to work remotely on a more permanent basis, investing in communication systems that are durable and flexible enough to support you and your teams is paramount.

We can work with you to create an agile communication network that allows flexibility across your business, supporting staff whether they will be working permanently from home or splitting their time between home and the office.


Broadband Solutions for Home Working

One of the most common issues our clients have been experiencing with their teams now working remotely is around broadband and connectivity.

For many businesses it is likely their teams have been using a domestic connection whilst working at home. With family members also using this network, it may have created connectivity issues that can have a huge impact on productivity.

If you want to continue supporting your teams to work from home more permanently, a reliable fast connection is essential.

We can work with your business to provide tailored broadband packages and introduce them within your employees’ homes, providing a permanent and effective solution to your connectivity issues.


Upgrade your telephone system to the cloud

Have you considered upgrading your telephone system to the cloud?

This simple change can make a huge difference for your business and makes remote working a very smooth and easy process.

With a cloud-based telephone system, we can quickly and easily manage any issues for you, helping to mitigate the risk of downtime.

You can simply add in more team members as and when you require, making it scalable for the future and giving you peace of mind that you will be investing in a system that will continue to meet your needs for years to come.

With this system, it also allows for the agile handling of your calls. You can very easily move your calls to a new destination or team member with no issues and what’s even better is that the customer or person contacting your organisation won’t notice any difference.

Finally with a cloud-based telephone system, it enables your staff to simply take the handset they have always used in the office with them, plug it in at home and they are ready to go.

There is no complicated setup required and everything is ready to be used, meaning there is no downtime.

Due to it being a familiar piece of equipment, it also means that they won’t require any additional training, which would take time away from the business and their role/responsibilities.

If you are looking to integrate remote working on a more permanent basis, we can work with you to meet your needs and support you through the entire process.