What is putting you off making the switch to a new telephone system? In this blog, we share our knowledge to help relieve your concerns and set the record straight around some of the common misconceptions people have about telephone system installations.

Is your existing telephone system actually meeting all of your needs? It could be time to upgrade to a new system that can support your new needs and grow and adapt with you moving forward. 

Unfortunately we know that some organisations will continue using and putting up with the same telephone system despite the faults or issues they may be experiencing, as the thought of having a new system installed is daunting.

You may feel that the inconvenience of installing a new telephone system will outweigh the benefits it will offer, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Having worked in the industry for a number of years, we know first hand the concerns that people can have around installing a new system. 

Below we have highlighted some of the common misconceptions, sharing our knowledge and advice to help to set the record straight and provide you with the peace of mind you need to finally make the switch and start reaping the benefits that a new system could offer your business. 


‘The office has to be cleared or empty ahead of the system being installed’  

This is incorrect. 

You may be putting off having a new system installed as you don’t want the hassle of having to move all of your equipment and staff around, but through working with the Telecom Central team you don’t have to worry about this.  

Our team can work around your existing system and staff, minimising downtime and making the process as simple and smooth as possible.

‘I won’t be able to access the phone system for a set time, or it will cause downtime in my business’

We understand the impact that downtime can have on an organisation, which is why we have processes and procedures in place to give you peace of mind. 

When installing a new telephone system to help boost your organisation’s productivity and performance, our team will work at a time to suit you to minimise downtime and ensure minimal disruption to the day-to-day running of your organisation.

We will work around you to ensure you stay connected at all times; something that is particularly vital during the current climate. 


‘Once the system has been installed, it will be up to me to manage the system’ 

The level of support we can provide will be entirely dependent on the level of support you would like and the size and capability of your team in managing your system. 

We offer a variety of bespoke packages to meet our clients’ needs, so whether you would like to implement a tailored maintenance agreement, or you would like to take a more ad-hoc approach to your maintenance, we can support you.

We also offer training for your staff and teams, to ensure they are able to effectively use the system, utilise all of the tools it has to offer and are able to manage it.