Cloud Telephone System

A cloud, or hosted telephone system simply means that you don’t have to house lots of boxes and cabling on-site anymore.  It’s all now in the cloud and instead of using ISDN telephone lines (which won’t be round much longer anyway!), you can run multiple virtual telephone lines from a single Fibre or Broadband line.

It can be connected to any internet point, allowing all your employees high-quality telephone access, whatever their location and on any device. It works perfectly for employees who work from home or are constantly on the move.

It’s great news for smaller businesses, as it gives them access to a revolutionary telephone infrastructure that would have otherwise only been accessible to a larger company.

Birmingham Businesses that we speak to are becoming more and more interested in switching to a Cloud-based phone system because of the huge benefits.

Substantial Cost Savings

A hosted system has minimal installation costs and no ongoing maintenance charges. Cheaper line rental, calls and maintenance typically saves businesses up to 40% on costs.

A hosted VoIP solution has a no contracts, pay-as-you-go system that helps you retain a tight control of your budget. The plans are extremely flexible, enabling you to add and remove features as your business develops and changes.

And because there’s no in-house hardware, you don’t require an in-house technician or dedicated space for a system.

Remote Working Boosts Productivity

Cloud systems are particularly useful for businesses that have multiple locations or a remote workforce. Hosted VoIP allows your entire team to be connected on a single communication system.

You are no longer confined to office based working or expensive home telephone bills. Some hosted PBX and VoIP providers also allow employees to use a mobile app that can access the system on their smartphone or tablet. The cloud opens flexible working practices that will improve morale and boost productivity.

All you need is an internet connection and you have instant access to a fully functioning telephone system anywhere in the world. User settings can be changed for your employees depending on what administration rights they require and you can report on all call activity regardless of the varied locations.

Future-Proof Your Business

The ability to scale a business is essential. If your model, infrastructure and processes are clunky, they’ll hold you back. You need to be nimble – that’s what you get with Cloud telephony!

You no longer require a huge budget to get a whole raft of features that will give you a first-class telephone system. You can expect full mobile integration, conference calling facilities, auto-attendant and ring groups all from the same provider.

Video conferencing is sometimes included to help remote workers schedule meetings and slash travel costs

You can add or remove extensions in seconds to cater for seasonal usage trends – giving you flexibility and allowing you to adapt to your specific businesses needs

BT’s Switching You Off!

Following BT’s announcement to switch off ISDN services and migrate all their customers to the IP network by 2025, all businesses should be looking into making the switch to cloud telephony.

While we’ve been given ample time to make the entire transition, you will not be able to purchase any systems that use PSTN or ISDN from 2020. Therefore, we’re advising Birmingham Businesses to investigate their current agreement and start to make plans for the migration before the big rush.

Free Telephone Audit

Most good telecoms companies will visit you to look at your current system and advise the best option for your businesses. It’s well worth scheduling a visit as you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the increased functionality you’ll get for a reduced price!