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Telephone Systems for Hotels

A dedicated hotel phone system can neatly integrate with your booking system

Simple and easy communication with guests and internally amongst departments

Your Hotel telephone system needs to be tailored to your specific requirements in terms for features and hardware to make it easy for guests to make a booking and helps your staff to be more efficient.


Creating the desired first impression before guests arrive to stay with you is essential and starts with how they can contact you. Investing in a new telephone system tailored to your hotels requirements will help you grow your business.


A dedicated hotel phone system can neatly integrate with your booking system to make it easy for your staff to view and amend a booking, reducing wasted time in handling calls and administrative tasks. Through improving efficiencies with your telephone system, it can help you increase bookings and revenue by answering more calls quicker.


We provide telephone systems across an entire hotel site including reception, offices and guest rooms, providing both staff and customers with a reliable system.

What are the benefits of upgrading your hotel telephone system?

  • Easy internal communication across departments
  • Improve customer satisfaction by making it easy to book with your reservation team.
  • Reduce waiting times with additional lines
  • Introduce music/ marketing on hold to provide information to guests waiting for their call to be answered.
  • Modern and easy to use handsets in rooms – room to room features
  • Resolve problems quickly with remote maintenance and support
Key Features of a phone system
Telephone System Features

Never miss a call or booking again

When booking a holiday or weekend away, guests want a simple and easy process of speaking with reception or reservation staff. If your lines are constantly engaged, it doesn’t deliver the right first impression and people will hang up, resulting in lost business.

Introducing a call logging and voicemail feature will help allow your team to call a guest back to make a booking or alter a reservation, securing revenue and providing a high level of customer service.

Introduce Marketing on Hold

Your hotel will experience peak times with large volumes of calls which staff may not be able to answer immediately. Instead of guests hearing an engaged tone and hanging up, marketing on hold is a great way of keeping people on the line whilst communicating marketing messages and offers.

This simple and easy to integrate feature also helps to use waiting times efficiently when a call is being routed to a different department.

Call Routing and Programming

Introducing a call routing feature and bespoke programming, you simply transfer calls to other departments, helping customers, colleagues and suppliers speak to the right person quickly.

This helps to reduce answer times as you handling calls faster and freeing up the lines to move to the next call.

Book a FREE Demonstration

Before deciding on a new business telephone system, arrange for one of our Telephone Engineers to visit your business and demonstrate how each telephone system works.

Your staff can see first-hand how a cloud system compares to your legacy system including both the features and handsets.

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