Reliable & Cost Effective Phone Systems For Schools

With the growing need for easy and efficient communication in schools, Telecom Central help you tailor your telephone system and communication network to your requirements.

Our team will work closely with you to identify what you would like from your school telephone system in order to identify potential pitfalls of your current system and advise on appropriate changes.

We will survey your incumbent telephone system and features before sitting down with your staff to discuss exactly what your desire from your communication system. From this point, we will be able to advise on easy upgrades, the benefits of a new school telephone system and how to improve the efficiencies and save costs.

Our team have a wealth of experience providing phone systems for schools. Working with Headteachers, Senior Management Teams, School Business Managers and IT Managers across all education settings including Multi Academy Trusts, Secondary Schools, Primary Schools, Colleges and Nurseries.

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    A Phone System Perfect For Teachers

    A cloud based school telephone system provides a host of features to make it easy for all parties to communicate. From parents ringing reception to report an absence or speak to the headteacher through to internal communications with teaching staff around the school, our telephone systems make it easy to do all of the above.

    Using VoIP technology the system will enable the school to handle calls more efficiently than a non VoIP traditional telephone system. You have the ability to introduce a call menu so that people can get through to the person they want to speak to without having to go via reception.

    With teaching staff in classrooms delivering lessons, they may not be able to take phone calls for the majority of the day. A cloud based system will enable messages to be left for the teacher without the need for all calls to go via reception and then a message being forwarded on. Thus making it easier for people to return calls when they are available and reduce the volume of calls into one central point.

    Call recording is a useful integration in order to meet compliance and safety responsibilities. You have the ability to save and store calls that be required in the future with colleagues.


    Phone Systems for Schools

    School Phone System Upgrades

    Making changes and upgrading your telephone system can help you to make simple modifications to improve efficiencies without the need to purchase a new phone system.

    You may need to increase the number of lines, purchase additional handsets, upgrade your software for security purposes or add more cabling.

    We help you to maximise the full potential of your current telephone system before you need to invest in telephone system.

    You may have identified areas where your school telephone system needs to be upgraded to ensure that your system has the required functionality and equipment.

    It is important to consider whether your existing systems are still suitable.
    Ask yourself: Will your existing telephone system be able to effectively support your changing communication needs?

    It could be time to look at working alongside an experienced communications specialist, who can help to ensure all of your systems are in good working order.

    As experts in the industry, we can also help to advise you on the integration of any new systems that will be able to support your new needs and enable you to overcome any challenges.

    What Do I Need To Review?

    To prevent issues taking place, we advise that you spend time testing all of your systems and equipment to help you identify any existing issues and also pick up on potential problems early on to mitigate the risks and impact they could cause.

    This should include testing your phone lines, handsets as well as ensuring staff have access to your Wi-Fi network and reviewing the coverage across your site.

    It is vital that all of the technology and equipment your teachers will be using within lessons is connected and in working order, to prevent any issues taking away from valuable lesson time and enabling them to create an engaging learning experience for students.

    It is also vital that your school has an effective telephone system in place.

    Particularly in the current climate, parents need to be able to contact your school without experiencing any issues and you also need to have the ability to contact parents should an emergency situation occur.


    Trusted Support & System Maintenance

    Our Account Managers and Telecom Engineers are on hand to provide your school with remote and onsite support to resolve problems with your telephone system.

    Our priority is to reduce downtime of your system whilst helping you prevent future problems through regular site visits and health checks.

    We provide all staff with training and guidance on how to get the most out of your school telephone system and features.

    Experienced Within The Education Sector

    We have been providing phone systems for schools for many years and understand the important requirements Schools have especially around the reception department. We know how from reception functionality rolls out across the rest of the school. With all our experience working within the education sector, our solutions are designed to meet the demands of schools of all sizes, the following key features are included:

    • Automated attendant
    • Call barring
    • Unified communications
    • Tannoy and paging messages
    • PC telephony
    • Absence voicemail
    • Direct dial-in numbers (DDIs)
    • Virtual extensions & virtual pigeon holes
    • Mobility
    • Windows-based programming tools
    • Lines & minutes services
    • On-going support from DBS-checked engineers
    Educational Phone Systems

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    Frequently Asked Questions About Phone Systems For Schools

    Do you provide maintenance and support services to Schools?

    Yes, Telecom Central provide Maintenance and Support agreements to schools and colleges to maintain the health of your telephone system and communication network. We are able to provide remote support if a school has a cloud based telephone system as our telecom engineers can resolve problems over the phone or using the platform your phone system sits on. Regular visits are planned to review your lines, equipment and handsets which resolve any issues, carry out ongoing maintenance as well as identify any potential problems that may arise in the future.

    Can you help improve the internet speed in our school?

    Telecom Central can install and manage super-fast broadband and wifi connectivity across a school estate and classrooms. It is essential that schools and colleges have a reliable and fast internet connection to be able to deliver lessons and teach in the 21st century. We help IT Managers and School Business Managers to assess the current internet speeds in order to advise improvements through additional access points, routers and cabling to ensure fast speeds in all spaces.

    Do you offer staff training on using new school telephone systems?

    When Telecom Central install new phone systems for schools our Telecom Engineers train your office and teaching staff on how to use the system. We will introduce your team to all of the key features the telephone system offers. This will include handling incoming calls, voice messages and call recording.

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