Remote Working

Remote Working Solutions

Telecom Central provide easy to install, manage and maintain Business Communication systems across the Midlands.

Our team of Telecoms Engineers enable you to implement business telecommunication systems and equipment for your staff to work productively in the office, at home and remotely.

Remote working business communication systems are essential for all businesses and organisations from start-ups to SMEs.

As we see a shift towards a growing number of employees working from home or splitting their time in the office and home, organisations require reliable and secure communication systems to operate efficiently.

Cloud voice systems ought to be at the forefront of your remote working strategy.

Our VoIP Phone Systems deliver reliable, secure and integrated communications for your staff to communicate and collaborate both internally and externally.

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    How can Telecom Central help you set up Remote Working systems?

    One of our Telecom Engineers will help you to understand what you require from a business communication system for office and home based working.

    We will help you asses the following areas –

    • Size of your system – how many staff members do you need to use the system?
    • Where are your team going to be based? How many staff will work from the office or home permanently, will there need to be a blend of the two?
    • How do you want to handle calls and communication through the business?
    • Make and quantities of equipment, telephones and mobiles
    Remote Working Solutions

    We will provide you with detailed advice and design the most appropriate system for your organisation include VoIP, handsets, call handing and monitoring.

    Our team will set up and integrate your remote working communication system across all of your settings and locations from the office and remote working.

    We can deliver training to help your staff understand and utilise the technology and systems to ensure they know how it works them individually when working from home, remote and in the office.

    Our Team can provide support and maintenance to ensure you are maximising your telephone system investment. We are on hand to answer any questions for you and your team and solve any problems you may encounter.

    We will also advise you on upgrades and changes within your systems and technology in order for you to release the benefits and efficiencies of new features.

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    Frequently Asked Questions on Remote & Home Working

    What do we need to setup remote working for our staff?

    A simple upgrade of your existing phone system to the cloud can enable you and your team to work from home easily.

    A hosted telephone system run over an internet connection allows your employees to simply use the phone system they would be familiar with using at their desk in the office.

    Telecom Central can help you upgrade and manage your hosted telephone system.

    Can I use my office handset at home?

    With a cloud based telephone system, your team can use the handsets from their desk at home.

    Simply plugging in the handset at home, you are able to use the business telephone system in the same way you would if you were at your desk in the office.

    Using familiar equipment and the same system will make life easier for your team to work effectively from home.

    Do staff need fast Internet to work from home?

    If your team are going to be increasingly working from home, a reliable fast connection is essential for productivity.

    We can help you install and manage secure quality broadband connections for your team to replace the existing domestic connection the majority of people will be using whilst competing with other family members who may also be working from home.

    How can we monitor staff productivity when they are at home?

    With your remote working setup we can introduce call recording and analysis for compliance and KPIs.

    Implementation of reporting and analysis tools will ensure that your team are productive whilst working from home.

    Monitoring calls is essential in some sectors from a compliance and audit perspective to ensure that there is a record of conversations to refer back to.

    How can we involve the team when looking into remote working?

    Take time to understand exactly what each member of staff require in order to do their job from home – access to systems, collaboration tools, devices (handsets and mobiles).

    We advise involving the team in planning for the change in working environment, what has worked well, where would they like to improve.

    This will ensure that your team are happy and able to do their job whilst helping your business to make the right purchasing decisions.

    How will remote working benefit the business?

    Creating a flexible and agile communication network within your business will allow your team to work effectively in the office or remotely.

    As we see a shift to permanent remote working or splitting time between the office and home means a bespoke system that is flexible will make is easy for you and your team to make those changes without any downtime or hassle with using your telephone system.

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