Telephone System Maintenance & Support

Our Team support you in maintaining your Telephone System to ensure that you can communicate simply and effectively without disruption.

Professional maintenance and support mitigate the risk of down time, identifies potential technical faults and checks that equipment and devices are fit for purpose.

We provide contracted support and ad hoc support, providing you with the ability to rest assured that your telephone system is in full working order and can rely on our team to address faults that may arise.

You do not need to have a current maintenance contract in place for us to help you; we can provide one off repairs or site visits and no obligation advice.

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    Telecom support to aid Business Continuity

    We will provide support and advice on how to resolve and prevent issues occurring with your business telephone system, internet connectivity and communication network. If your system for any particular reason is down, our aim is to get your business back up and running as fast as possible.

    Conducting regular audits and assessing your telephone system helps to identify potential problems, enabling us to prevent issues in order to reduce the impact on your organisation.

    If you have an urgent issue, we can offer help over the phone or can attend your site within 24 hours.

    Our experienced Account Management Team and Telecom Engineers are able to support all major Telephony brands including Avaya, BT, Gamma, Panasonic and Samsung.

    Our aim is to aid business continuity and support your day-to-day operations to ensure that your telephone system is working as you expect it to.

    Telecom support

    Telephone System Maintenance Contract Agreement

    You will have peace of mind that our team is on hand to help you at any time when you have Contract Maintenance Agreement in place.

    Our Support can be delivered via remote access to your system without the need for a telecom engineer to visit your site. When conducting maintenance and system health checks we will co-ordinate this to fit in with your schedule and arrange a telecom engineer to come out to you.

    Conducting proactive maintenance helps to mitigate potential risks and problems with your telephone system and communication network. This reduces downtime and the associated costs and hassle.

    Our team will provide you with technology consultancy and advice on how to improve, evolve and update your telecommunications network to match your changing business needs.

    What is covered in a Contract Maintenance Agreement?

    • 24/7 support
    • Remote support
    • Telecom System Health check
    • Handset and Software maintenance
    • Call transferring
    • Voicemails and Messaging
    • Technology Advice
    Contract Maintenance Agreement

    FREE Quick ‘Fix’ Support

    Just call us for FREE phone advice from our trained staff to quickly fix any small issues.

    Call Out Engineer

    Need urgent help onsite, today!? Call for our fully certified technician to visit.

    Upgrade Your Old System

    Upgrade to benefit from newer features and the latest technology.

    New Phone Systems

    Get a telephone system for your business, installed, configured and maintained.

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    Real support by real people

    We’ve built a team of great people who want to help SME’s get the most out of their telephone systems. To choose the right solution to meet their challenges and goals while realising a big financial return on investment.

    For Telephone System Maintenance, Help & Support Call Telecom Central Today On 0333 320 9920.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Telephone System Maintenance, Help & Support

    Can I pay to have a maintenance agreement to protect my equipment?

    We provide different levels of maintenance cover for you to choose from. This can either be paid on a monthly or annual basis.

    Maintenance is recommended to all of our customers for their own peace of mind.

    For example, if a piece of hardware was to fail, with maintenance cover it would be replaced FREE of charge to get your business back up and running as soon as possible.

    Do you have any telephone engineers’ available to visit site and fix any issues I have?

    We have a team of telephone system engineers that operate around the Midlands and surrounding areas.

    We also have specialists in a variety of brands of system to allow us to provide the right support when needed.

    If I require minor system changes, can this be done remotely?

    In the modern world of telecommunications, remote support is becoming increasingly popular.

    We have a team of support engineers that work from the office allowing us to make changes to systems remotely.

    Remote support enables our team to resolve any issues and answer any questions quicker, allowing you to continue to operate effectively as possible without having to wait for an engineer to visit your site.

    Can you provide us with maintenance and support if another Telecom company installed our phone system?

    Yes, we can help provide you with maintenance if your telephone system was installed by another company. Our engineers will review your current telecoms network to familiarise themselves with the system and then be able to help you address any problems.

    Telecom Central can provide you with Contract Maintenance Agreement for a telecoms system that we haven’t installed for you.

    What does a typical telecom maintenance contract include?

    We look after all of your telecoms needs including hardware and telephone system software, ensuring that your system is working correctly for your business. Under a maintenance contract we will cover faulty handsets, software and security updates, issues with call handling and voicemails.

    Having a contract in place provides you with the safety net of being able to call us and speak to an Account Manager to help you any issues with your telecoms system.

    How much does a maintenance and support contract cost?

    All Contract Maintenance Agreements are tailored to your system and the level of support you require. Typically, a support contract will be from £19.95 + VAT per month.

    Our Telecoms Engineers will survey your system and provide you with an itemised quote for support and maintenance.

    What is your typical call-out time?

    Our priority is to get your system back up and running as fast as possible. To keep you operating efficiently, we have a 4,8 and 16 hour response time depending on the nature of the issue.

    16 hour response – Minor fault
    8 hour response – System part failure
    4 hour response – Total system failure

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