VoIP Phone Systems

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)

VoIP Telephone Systems allow you to improve communication within your business, reduce costs and future proof your systems.

Telecom Central have installed many VoIP Phone Systems in Birmingham bringing them cost savings in comparison to legacy phone systems.

VoIP Telephone Systems are run across your internet connection without the need to house a network and routing elements on your site.

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    Boost your productivity and performance with a VoIP telephone system

    Making the switch from your traditional business telephone system to a VoIP Telephone system can offer a range of benefits to your business including improving productivity and performance.

    In the current climate businesses have had to learn and adapt to do much more with less whilst still being as productive as possible.

    With this in mind, now is the perfect time to consider how an intelligent and agile VoIP telephone system could support you in achieving this.

    What is the difference between my existing system and a VoIP system?

    Unlike a traditional phone system that requires a lot of routing and is hosted at your premises, a VoIP system runs across your internet connection.

    It offers a level of agility and flexibility that a traditional system simply cannot achieve, whilst still being easy and familiar to use.

    Calls are made and received in a similar manner to traditional systems, meaning you and your staff will not notice much of a difference.

    It also means that those contacting you won’t have to do anything different, whether that be clients or prospects.

    So how can a VOIP system help me to boost productivity and performance?

    Tracking of KPI’s

    Goal setting is something that is key within business, to keep your teams motivated and ensure they are always working towards something. Without effective monitoring and reviews, how do you know you are on the right track? This is where KPI’s come into play.

    Unlike traditional phone systems, a VoIP system offers a variety of intelligent features that allow you to track your KPIs.

    Through utilising these tools you can easily and regularly review your progress to identify where you are in terms of performance.

    It also enables you to easily identify where any shortfalls are taking place, so you can make improvements and maintain a good level of performance across the business.

    Call Recording

    A VoIP system also enables you to easily set up and run call recording across your business.

    This type of data and information is essential to utilise during your reviews and audits, as it enables you to identify reasons why you may have had customers drop off. You can also pinpoint exactly where improvements to your communication and customer service are required to boost performance.

    Call recording is also a great tool to support your staff training, allowing you to provide new team members with real life examples of how to deal with common situations that occur within your business, making your training much more valuable and effective.

    Finally, the call recording elements that a VoIP system offers is also perfect in supporting you in your compliance.

    It enables you to have access to evidence that demonstrates compliance with GDPR, protecting you should a situation occur.

    Contract Maintenance Agreement

    Call Handling

    Effective call handling and redirecting is also easily achievable through a VoIP system.

    How you handle calls coming into your business and move them around can have a drastic impact on your productivity and performance. Any issues here could result in a poor customer service and even see customers and prospects drop-off if their call is not handled effectively.

    VoIP is an intelligent system that enables you to make call handling a simple, quick and smooth process, transforming your customer experience.

    Through the system and features it offers, a caller can easily contact you and get through to the intended member of your team, without being left on hold.

    This effective call handling will be achievable no matter where that member of staff is working from, whether that is home, the office or remote working, due to the system being run over the internet.

    But it is not just your customers who will benefit from improved call handling.

    With a system in place that also supports the effective handling and redirecting of internal calls, this will also support the collaboration between your teams, allowing them to still get tasks done no matter where each member of your team is working from.

    Supporting Remote Working

    As we have briefly discussed above, due to a VoIP system being run over the internet this means that it can effectively support home and remote working, which is particularly vital during the current climate.

    With this system, it ensures that staff can be contacted no matter where they are working from and no matter what type of device they will be using for work; the system can be used across traditional office telephones, desktops, laptops, mobiles and more.

    It also means that those customers and prospects contacting your business will not notice any difference, allowing you to maintain a quality service, a level of professionalism and continuity across your business at all times.

    Remote Working Solutions

    Improving onboarding

    Finally our VoIP systems are easy to use and understand, so when it comes to introducing new staff to the system they are likely to pick things up very quickly.

    However, we do also offer training with our systems which can help to ensure that all staff have the knowledge needed to utilise all of the features and benefits the system has to offer, helping you to get more out of your investment.

    The system is also so flexible that adding new accounts and staff into the system has never been easier.

    All of the above will help to improve your onboarding process and enable your new employees to start being productive using the system from the very offset.

    Make the switch to a VoIP system today with the help of Telecom Central and transform your performance, productivity and business’s future.

    Cloud Telephone Systems

    In terms of using a cloud telephone system, you and your team will not notice too much of a difference.

    Calls are made and received in a similar manner to a traditional system, therefore phone users and those contacting the business will not have to do anything different. Phone calls are routed through your offsite cloud system directly to your phones and mobile devices.

    Our engineers help you to design a cloud based telephone system tailored to your business needs in order for you to realise the efficiencies modern systems can deliver across your organisation.

    VoIP Telephone Systems are agile and flexible, reducing the level of maintenance required and therefore the time and costs associated with this.

    As your business grows you will not need to worry about rewiring systems or potential downtime and interruption to operations.

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    Features and Efficiencies

    Hosted telephone systems are simple to install, manage and scale providing you with an array of features to help grow your business.

    You can introduce call reporting, call recording and multiple voicemail boxes to help you to monitor productivity, customer service and security.

    Users are able to access the telephone system across multiple devices including office phone handsets and mobiles. This enables your team to work effectively in the office or remotely with access to the cloud based system.

    If you have any questions on VoIP systems call our team on 0333 320 9920

    Frequently Asked Questions about VoIP

    How is VoIP different to Cloud when it comes to phone systems?

    VoIP has been around for a few years now but there always seems to be a shiny new buzzword that appears to confuse people. The current buzzword is ‘Cloud’ – so what is the difference?

    Well, there’s not a great deal of a difference – they offer the same functionality.

    Most VoIP systems are branded as ‘cloud solutions’ and are hosted on their own servers which are cloud based – simple!

    Can you use a normal phone with VoIP?

    There’s a couple of ways you can introduce VoIP technology to your business to streamline your telephone system and start saving money.

    You can use your existing exchange hardware and add something called SIP trunking and use your existing handsets.

    OR completely remove all your inhouse exchange hardware and purchase new SIP handsets that simply plug into a router.

    Your business is different from the next so, keep an open mind about which route to take and speak to an expert about which system is best for you.

    How much does VoIP cost per month?

    Because you don’t have to have a dedicated phone line you’ll no longer have the cost of expensive call charges and line rentals.

    You’ll usually have a fixed monthly cost that’ll be a fraction of the cost that you’re currently paying. From as little as £11.99 a month!

    VoIP can save you up to 50% on your current annual telephone bills!

    Is VoiP Scalable?

    If you need a new phone line, you add one in seconds yourself. No need to guess how many you need or pay for spares just on the off chance you employ a new member of staff.

    Likewise, if a member of staff leaves simply disconnect the line.

    So, the installation and maintenance of VoIP technology is super easy – even for technophobes!

    What is the functionality like?

    There’s a whole heap of new functionality available on VoIP telephone systems and features that would have been expensive previously are now very accessible or included in your monthly packages.

    Lots of the features will help streamline your business to save time and money on processes that are integral to grow your business.

    Features such as; conference calling, instant messaging, video calls, voicemail, call diverts, and music-on-hold!

    Is VoIP right for remote working?

    More and more of the UK workforce are working remotely to offer flexibility and cost savings for new employers. The one vital key component to a successful remote workforce is ensuring that the communication works.

    A VoIP system allows you to make calls on your mobile from home, the office, a coffee shop or even on the bus. Your employees can also reroute calls to any number or telephone, so they’ll never miss a call.

    The world is becoming a small place and your telephone system needs to adapt.

    Can you monitor performance?

    A VoIP system will help you track your company KPI’s and ensure you’re on track monthly to achieve your targets. Or at least highlight where the shortfalls are, if there are any!

    You’ll be able to monitor your customer service and sales team to see who’s answering inbound calls and who’s being proactive making outbound calls. You can have real-time stats on your computer and even display them on a monitor in then office for all to see –  There’s no hiding!

    Calls can also be recorded for staff training and compliance purposes.

    What is the biggest advantage of VoIP?

    The biggest advantage is that you’ll have a system that’ll give you peace of mind that your business is in good shape. Used correctly it will boost productivity and drive efficiency. So, add that to some serious cost savings and your business will be in rude health.

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