Phone System Upgrades

Upgrading a business telephone system can mean two different things:

  1. You can upgrade meaning to totally replace your current phone system with a brand new system
  2. or it can mean simply updating the software on your current telephone system to add a bit of extra life into it and make it last that little bit longer

The main most obvious benefit of making changes and updating the software is that it will likely be a much cheaper solution and offer you a short term solution to keep you running until the time you are ready to completely change the system for a brand new one.

Upgrading the software of a business telephone system also ensures you are maintaining the highest level of security, protecting data and mitigating the risk of a security breach.

We will work with you to find the best solution for your business. This is where are free phone system audit comes in, where one of engineers will visit you onsite and review your requirements and current phone system.

We can then make recommendations as to which option will suit you best based on your requirements.

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    Our team can help you increase the size and scale of a business telephone system by adding new lines and handsets as you recruit more staff. As your headcount grows you need to factor in what this means for your communication network.

    With organisations having to reconfigure workplaces, you may need to upgrade your telephone system with additional handsets and lines as staff may be working in new areas of an office or site.

    Introducing new call handling and call divert features into your business telephone system improves the efficiency of the system. Additional features will make it easier to handle and manage calls across your organisation, providing a better level of customer service and improving the productivity of your team.

    An office move or expansion will require an organisation to upgrade a business telephone system and modify how it is used. We help you to survey your current system in conjunction with a new site and your requirements.

    Conducting a survey prior to moving into an office or opening a premises will ensure that upgrades and changes can be made prior to moving, limiting the risk of downtime, planning the required changes and making it simple for your team to use the upgraded telephone system.

    It can be more cost effective to review and upgrade your current business telephone system enable to improve how your use the network before requiring a new telephone system. Simple upgrades and additions are low cost changes to improve the efficiency of a system and prolong the lifecycle of your current system which also limits the level of change for your team to adjust to.

    To find out if your phone system can be upgraded call us today on 0333 320 9920.

    With our years of experience in the telecoms industry we’ve heard a lot when it comes to the type of problems businesses face out there in the real world.

    Some of the most often problems we hear are listed below:

    1. “Our customers are complaining they can’t get through to us because we are always engaged.”
    2. “Our customers are complaining they can’t get through to us because no one answers the phone.”
    3. “Our staff complain that they cannot make outgoing calls because ‘no lines are free to use’.”
    4. “We know we are missing calls and we don’t know how to capture them and call them back at least.”
    5. “We need headsets so we can talk and type at the same time.”
    6. “Nobody knows how to work the phones or make changes.”
    7. “The incoming calls don’t ring at the right phones/desks.”
    8. “People keep losing voice messages.”
    9. “We want our out of hour’s calls to be handled better.”
    10. “We want staff to be able to work from home with their office desk phone.”
    11. “We want to be able to auto dial someone through a mouse click in our database.”
    12. “We have some telephones which randomly stop working.”
    13. “We keep losing calls and cutting people off.”
    14. “We have no music or announcement for callers on hold and they keep hanging up thinking we’ve hung up on them!.”

    Frequently Asked Questions on Upgrading Business Telephone Systems

    What is a telephone system upgrade?

    A telephone system upgrade or update is where we will update your current phone system to its latest software versions from its manufacturer. We will also run through the system and find tune it to help you get the most out if it before you may want to replace it fully with a brand new telephone system. There may be features or functionalities that your current phone system can do which you may not be aware of. Having the system tweaked can make it last longer and give you a short term breather before making the plunge.

    Why do we need to update our business telephone system software?

    It’s great idea to update your telephone software not just for the possibility of added functionality of features you may not have known are there but to maintain the highest level of security available to you, protecting your data and mitigating the risk of a security breach.

    How much will it cost to upgrade my telephone system?

    While exact costs are determined on a few factors such as the make and model of your current system overall it is usually a much cheaper option in the short term to keep you going for some time ahead. We are proud to be able to offer this service where available to throw businesses a sort of lifeline on their current system and save them the immediate costs a brand new system brings.

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